'Greedy boomer': Sean Plunket calls Peter Williams out for applying for his Super

Video 31/01/2019

Magic Afternoons host Sean Plunket has given Peter Williams a run for his money by grilling him on signing up for his NZ Superannuation.

Williams, host of Magic Mornings, told his listeners on Thursday about the arduous process of putting through his application.

But Plunket wasn't having it, telling Williams that he was an example of a "greedy boomer"

"You have got enough money to live quite comfortably in retirement," Plunket told Williams. "You are taking tax dollars that can damn well be spent elsewhere."

Williams admitted that he probably doesn't need it, but he's entitled to it as a New Zealander.

"What do you expect me not to sign up for it? It's free money," Williams said.

Plunket argued that Williams should donate his Super payments to charity, but Williams waved the idea off.

"I'm entitled to it. I'm eligible for it."

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