Duncan Garner: Why are we giving immigrants superannuation?

The AM Show 21/05/2019

OPINION: We all get this when we turn 65 - it's a birthright. 

NZ Superannuation is paid to every Kiwi - around $800 a fortnight if you're living alone, around $1300 a fortnight if you're a couple.

You've got to have lived in New Zealand for a decent chunk of your life - for at least five years since the age of 50.

If not, you may have to wait until you're 70 before you qualify.

You can't gallivant around the world then expect to come back and get it on day one - read the fine print.

Cabinet is now looking at changes, and specifically the eligibility of foreigners who come to NZ and become residents.

We are such a damn soft touch - it's like we've found some new oil field and don't know what to do with the billions of dollars we're swimming in.

These people only have to be here for up to 10 years to qualify, at age 65. They don't have to work, they just have to be here.

How generous are we? Generous and foolish, in fact.

Why are we doing this? We can barely cope with our own people yet here we are stuffing money into the deep pockets of foreign baby boomers who have decided to come to New Zealand to retire, rest and laugh at our generosity.

We truly are our own worst enemies at times. 

Winston Peters has talked about this before and, if he is true to his word, he'll push for change.

We'll hold you to account on this Winston, don't lose this fight - put New Zealand first.

Duncan Garner.