Eurovision unfair, says former loser Engelbert Humperdinck


Veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck has criticised organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest and accused them of running an "unfair" competition which is politically-motivated to ensure the UK rarely wins.

The 'Release Me' hitmaker represented his native Britain in the annual sing-off in Azerbaijan in 2012, but finished second-to-last with a measly 12 points.

Humperdinck had been placed first on the bill and felt like he had been forgotten by the time all 25 acts had performed and the voting began, and now he has accused organisers of regularly setting up the contest so the UK suffers a humiliating defeat.

It follows yet more disappointment in the 2015 contest on Saturday, when Britain finished fourth from bottom with just five points.

Asked about his own experience taking part in Eurovision, Humperdinck tells British TV show Loose Women, "It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair, and it's all to do with politics. Look what happened this time."

The UK's last triumph in the Eurovision Song Contest was in 1997 when Katrina and the Waves won - thanks to their American singer Katrina Leskanich.