DUNCAN GARNER: Do we need a proper debate on immigration?


Migrants are pouring into the country; it’s a good thing isn’t it?

They bring skills, money and much needed economic activity.

But can we keep up – can we house them, can we transport them, do we have the cities, schools, hospitals, roads and the infrastructure?

Look at the latest stats:

1. 57,800 record net gain of migrants. Highest ever annual inflow.
2. 115,100 migrant arrivals. A record. Up 15% on year before
3. We lost just 1400 people to Aust in the last year. Just 26 people a week. Compared to 9700 the year before which was the smallest annual loss to Aust since 1992.
4. 12,100 net gain in Indian migrants.
5. 7,700 net gain in Chinese migrants.
6. 4,500 net gain in UK migrants.
7. 4,200 net gain in migrants from the Philippines.
8. Auckland gained 26,600 new migrants over the last year.
9. Canterbury gained 6,400 new migrants.
10. Waikato gained 2,300 new migrants.
11. Over half of all migrants who arrived in NZ stayed in Auckland.
12. 8,100 migrants arrived on student visa.
13. For the past two months NZ has had a record net gain of migrants from Aust. “The Brain Drain’ has been reversed.
14. NZers took 2.32 million overseas trips over the past year – up 92,200 on the year before. Economy is better?
15. 309,800 Chinese visited NZ last year. Up 70,000 on the year before. Second now to Australia.

So is all this good news – or do we need to be careful?

It’s clear we need more houses, roads and schools to accommodate the influx.

So what do you think?

Should more of them be moved out to the regions to ease the pressure on Auckland?

Join me on my show with your views and vote in my poll below.

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source: data archive