Magic Shows

  • Shows

    6am to 9am Weekdays

    Magic Breakfast with Mark McCarron

    Wake up with Mark McCarron from 6-9am on Magic
  • Shows

    9am to 2pm Weekdays

    Magic Workdays with Murray Lindsay

    Whether you're at work, at home or in the car, Murray Lindsay is playing the great artists you love.
  • Shows

    2pm to 8pm Weekdays

    Magic Drive with Bob Gentil

    It's the music you wanted back on the radio and Bob Gentil keeps it rolling through your afternoon.
  • Shows

    6am to 12pm Saturdays

    Saturday Mornings with Murray Lindsay

    Murray keeps the great music rolling on your Saturday morning.
  • Shows

    12pm to 6pm Saturdays

    Saturday Afternoons with Mark Smith

    Mark loves his music and knows it inside out. Join him on your Saturday afternoon.
  • Shows

    6pm to Midnight Saturdays

    The Saturday Night Jukebox

    Rock n roll, Motown and more from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Commerical free all night!
  • Shows

    6am to 12pm Sundays

    Sunday Mornings with Trudi Nelson

    Easy like Sunday morning, and Trudi’s here to play the best kind of Sunday classics.
  • Shows

    12pm to 7pm Sundays

    Sunday Afternoons with Bob Gentil

    Bob is bringing his knowledge and the music to your Sunday afternoons
  • Shows

    7pm to Midnight Sundays

    Magic Country

    The very best classic country, every Sunday night.