DUNCAN GARNER: The Prime Minister must increase refugee numbers


I can’t get this image out of my head today.

Sometimes, some images are just so sad, so depressing and so bloody awful. This is it - it shows a Turkish police officer carrying a young Syrian boy who drowned in a failed attempt to sail to a Greek Island.

Sometimes an image is so powerful it forces the world to act. And surely today is that day.

You are inhumane if you don’t feel something. And we as humans must act.

The Prime Minister has surely run out of excuses on his refusal to increase refugee numbers.

He must move and he must act.

We have not increased our quota since 1987. Some years we don’t even take 750.


We are in the middle of an international humanitarian crisis.

The longer the PM digs his heels in the longer he looks out of touch.

It is time to move. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But now.

This is a crisis. It deserves an extraordinary and urgent response. It’s well past time NZ, led by the Prime Minister showed some leadership.

Increase the quota, Prime Minister. It’s not about whether we can afford to take more refugees.

The truth is, we can no longer afford to sit still and ignore the crisis from afar.

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source: data archive