DUNCAN GARNER: You don't ditch all human rights just because they're crooks


There’s no doubt some of these so called ‘Kiwis’ in detention centres are scum-bags.

But not all of them.

We now know none of them are rapists or killers. But they’ve all been labelled that, haven’t they, by the Prime Minister. And Labour are their protectors, their backers, apparently.

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John Key has clearly decided there are no votes in this and no votes to lose. He’s worked out middle New Zealand probably doesn’t give a damn. He’s probably polled on it.

It’s ruthless and calculating politics. These are people’s lives, families are involved.

Yet the truth is this Government that has been caught on the hop on this issue. This Government has been too slow to act in the best interests on these 'Kiwis.'

Now they have changed their position. A month ago this Government was worried about process, now they’ve thrown them to the wolves.

Any representations they may have made have clearly fallen on deaf ears in Australia.

Human rights matter. Good process matters. They might be ‘bad boys’ but that doesn’t mean they should rot in hell without any certainty. John Key has gambled people don’t care. He may be right.

And in the process he’s shown how brutal and ruthless he can be, almost as ruthless as the Aussies themselves.


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