Duncan Garner: Finally affordable Auckland? Or head to Palmerston North?


Yesterday I showed you this trashed house for sale in Papakura. It’s going for $339k, though it has a big section.

Let’s be honest, though, it’s still way too much for what you’re getting. A number of you told me – the street was bad and full of gang members and I should look elsewhere. I took your word on that. So, I kept looking in South Auckland for an entry level property – my criteria was $300-400k.

I found this one, titled "A winner for beginners".

This screams quintessential Auckland entry level housing. It has 3 bedrooms, a carport, small kitchen, a nice little backyard, it is small, compact and tidy. Sure, in the rush hour it’s an hour to Auckland central, but you might work nearby so all good.

So - here’s my question – would you pay $349k for this in South Auckland or head to Palmerston North for less and get this?

source: data archive