Duncan Garner: Should our SAS troops head back to Iraq?


I saw some of what the SAS got up to when we travelled to Afghanistan in 2010 with the Prime Minister. To say these guys are world class soldiers is an understatement: they leave nothing to chance. Years on, I’m still in awe of them and what they do.

I also met Willie Apiata a couple of months ago and interviewed him, for about 30 minutes, at a conference. What a truly remarkable bloke. It’s clear he’s still affected by what happened to him and his troops that night. Ten years on I could see how emotional it was for him. Still.

But isn’t sending our troops to take on these international terrorists and pariahs part of what we do? Isn’t this the price of being an international citizen?

A small group of our soldiers are ready to go now and the PM will announce their departure shortly. John Key must shortly attend APEC and the G20 and he doesn’t want to turn up empty handed in the international fight against the so-called 'Islamic State'. He doesn’t want to meet David Cameron, Tony Abbott and President Obama without committing our troops.

These beheadings are shocking. The world cannot sit back and not act. Iraq has asked for help and the United States is involved. So is Australia. Our turn is coming, we are not immune from any of this, we do not live in a benign utopia.

The PM is about to commit our combat SAS troops to fight Islamic State. I have no problem with it – it is our job – what’s your view?

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