Duncan Garner: Why can't this family get a state house?


Judy and her family are amongst 3,100 New Zealanders who are on the Housing NZ Priority A waiting list. They are waiting to get a state house, because their circumstances are deemed dire and desperate.

Judy and her husband have seven children and they live with three other people, extended family, in a small two bedroom house in Mangere, South Auckland. So all up 13 people, eight children and five adults live in one small house. The dining room and lounge are bedrooms.

Judy and her husband want a state house. They have waited since January and they are still waiting; they have had no answers.

They can’t afford the private rentals in the area, even though Judy’s husband works full time in a meat factory.

Their 11-year-old son has a lung disease; the house is damp and cold.

Judy has bravely chosen to tell her story to me because she is desperate. Watch her story here.

source: data archive