Meet the Harawiras


What did you make of Hone Harawira's appearance on The Jono Project on Friday?

See a clip from Meet the Harawiras here or you can watch the entire episode here.

In a Meet The Parents spoof, TV3's Jono Pryor acted out a scene where he was dating Mana Party leader Harawira's daughter. The scenes showed Pryor attempting to fit in with the Harawiras and impress his girlfriend's father.

The piece made light humour of Hone's well-known Maori activist traits. During one scene, Jono tried to buy the Foreshore and Seabed in a game of Monopoly, but was promptly told by the family that he couldn't as it was "Dad's".

Did his appearance in this show highlight a different side of Hone Harawira to you?

source: data archive