Nicky Hager denies Kim Dotcom involvement in "Dirty Politics" book


Hager admits that he has met Kim Dotcom before, but the Internet Party founder had nothing to do with the book.

"If where this is going is some hint that, in some way, Kim Dotcom was any way involved in my book, I'm very happy to tell you it is totally untrue," says Hager.

The journalist says he won't reveal who his sources are, but they were likely acting against Cameron Slater out of retribution for his comments about a man who died in a car crash on the west coast in January. Slater had written that the "feral" had done the "world a favour", prompting suspected denial-of-service attacks on his website at the time.

Nicky Hager says he stands by his journalistic practice and that his book has been checked.

Listen to the full interview with Nicky Hager here.

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source: data archive