Eminem, Republicans and Weinstein sexual assault fallout


Every Wednesday night after the 11pm news, Mitch Harris talks with Paul Buchanan (Director of 36th Parallel) live from Florida, on the latest news making waves in America.

On the agenda tonight:

  • Eminem is successful in his court case against the NZ National Party
  • More Republicans (Jeff Flake and Bob Corker) are speaking out about US President Donald Trump. How much trouble is the Republican Party in?
  • Steve Bannon continues his anti-Trump rhetoric
  • The fallout in America regarding sexual assault continues following the Harvey Weinstein accusations - questions are being asked around former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, after it was revealed by the New York Times he paid $32million US to settle a sexual harrassment claim.
  • The political firestorm over an ambush that left four US soldiers dead in Niger three weeks ago - President Trump insulted the widow of one of the dead soldiers on the phone when the US President didn't know the soldier's name. 
  • Should the US still be called a 'superpower'? Do other countries now see America as weak?