US latest: Harvey Weinstein, North Korea and Trump

Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein Photo: Getty

Every Wednesday night after the 11pm news, Mitch Harris talks with Paul Buchanan from 36th Parallel on the latest news in the United States.

On the table tonight:

  •  Harvey Weinstein allegations and the fallout - production company (The Weinstein Company) wants to change it's name, and the possible political fallout after his donations to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.
  •  Did Rex Tillerson really call President Trump a "f**king moron"?

  •  Kim Jong Un reportedly thinks Donald Trump is a 'psychopathic narcissist' - does North Korea want World War 3?

  •  Why does Donald Trump keep turning on those closest to him in The White House?

  •  The 'Dreamer's Bill' - Donald Trump makes changes to the bill that Democrats agreed to.

  • How is the Robert Mueller investigation proceeding?