'Thanksgiving is being degraded in the States' - Paul Buchanan


Every Wednesday night after the 11pm news, Mitch Harris talks with Paul Buchanan, director at 36th Parallel, on the latest news in the United States.

On the agenda tonight:
- America has just celebrated Thanksgiving, which Paul says is "being degraded in the States" due to people rushing to the stores and their computers to cash in on 'black friday' sales.
- Online sales almost topped retail sales over Thanksgiving weekend in America (again, due to 'black friday' sales).
- The backlash after President Donald Trump's 'Pocahontas' comment - does Trump know why this comment is so offensive?
- Is Donald Trump uncontrollable? He's lashed out (again) at CNN.
- The conversation around 'fake news' - how can people tell what is fake news and what is legitimate news?
- Media company Meredith Corporation has bought the iconic Time Magazine for
$2.8 billion US - what does that mean for the publication?
- Paul wasn't happy with the Greens party list before the 2017 NZ General Election, and he recalls his chats with Golriz Ghahraman (he says he warned her to be honest and transparent about her past).
- In an interview, Bill O'Reilly says "he is mad at god" for his sexual harassment scandal.
- Paul touches on Edward Snowden's claim that Sir John Key lied to New Zealanders about mass surveillance and his discussions with China.
- How far can North Korea's intercontinental missiles go? Can they really hit any part of the United States?

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