NZ still under-prepared for the next big disaster - report

Drive 25/01/2018

New Zealand is still not prepared for another big earthquake, a new research report has found.

The study's authors say policy mistakes and lack of a long-term plan "substantially hindered" the recovery after the Christchurch quake.

The study, published by the New Zealand Initiative, says governance arrangements such as the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) were rushed and became increasingly problematic.

Co-author of the report Dr Eric Crampton lived in Christchurch for three years after the earthquake. He joined Stephen McIvor on RadioLIVE Drive.

We do risk having similar problems to those that they experienced in Christchurch [after the earthquakes.]

"Our report focuses on the recovery phase after the immediate Civil Defence response," he explained to RadioLIVE.

"We're looking more at policies around getting a city going again after a disaster."

The study warns Wellington needs to be the focus now, as the "seat of government, and most at risk for the next earthquake".

The research report, 'Recipe for disaster: Building policy on shaky ground', will launch tomorrow.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Eric Crampton above.

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