Wendyl Wants to Know: Deep Spring Light Raspberry

Long Lunch 27/08/2018
Photo: Getty.

Wendyl Wants to Know by Wendyl Nissen

I have finally found it, a sugar free drink with natural flavours and colours, I am impressed.

Deep Spring Light Raspberry, (another one for Lisa Owen).

$3 for 500 mls - also available in orange and mango.


Carbonated spring water

Reconstituted fruit juices (apple juice (5.8%), raspberry juice (0.5%))

Flavour enhancer (erythritol)
Natural low calorie sweetener found in fruits and fermented foods. It can have a laxative effect if you eat too much of it but it also help counteract the bitter flavour of stevia.

Acidity regulators ( 330,331)
These are citric acid and sodium citrates - both natural.

Natural flavours
Concentrates of natural colour(carrot, blackcurrant, hibiscus)

Natural sweetener (stevia)
This is a plant which looks like mint but is very sweet and has no calories. It can leave a bitter after taste but this wasn’t evident in this drink.

Preservative (202)
This is potassium sorbate which is neutralised sorbic acid.

I’m always wary trying new drinks with stevia in them because they usually kick back with a bitter after taste. But this was surprisingly nice and definitely better chilled.  The whole drink will give you 37 calories and 3.7g of sugar which is just under a teaspoon. This will be from the real fruit which is used to flavour the drink. I'm very happy.

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