The Long Lunch: In case you missed Monday

Long Lunch 01/10/2018

If you missed the show on Friday, here are the best bits to listen back to from The Long Lunch, Monday October 1st 2018.

Being ‘hangry’ is a real thing

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PhD student at the Department of Psychology at the University of Guelph, Thomas Horman joins RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen to take a look at what it means to be ‘hangry’

Mr Horman discusses how the state of being is a real thing, and takes a look at why it is that we experience a sudden mood change when we start feeling extra peckish.

NZ Chinese Language Week a success

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Labour Party list MP and founding trustee and co-chair of the New Zealand Chinese Language Week Raymond Huo joins The Long Lunch to take a look at the success of the initiative.

Mr Huo also explores the growing awareness and acceptance of Chinese culture from New Zealanders.

Is the Respecting New Zealand Values Bill ‘headline grabbing nonsense’?

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New Zealand First MP Clayton Mitchell joins RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen to discuss his party’s new bill.

Mr Clayton explores the Respecting New Zealand Values Bill he has drawn up on behalf of the party’s Tauranga members and why -- as party leader Winston Peters has put it -- people shouldn’t be in New Zealand if they “don’t want to salute this country’s law”. 

‘Toxic meatballs’ could curb feral cat problem

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Dr Elaine Murphy, the Principle Science advisor of the biodiversity threats management team, from the Department of Conservation joins RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen on the Long Lunch.

Dr Murphy discusses the department’s latest pest strategy that could curb the feral cat problem in this country, without having an impact on our native birds.  

Author of The Natural Home, Tips, Ideas & Recipes for a Sustainable Life

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This week the author in the hotseat… is our very own Wendyl Nissen.

Producer Dave joins Wendyl in the studio to take a look at her new book, out today The Natural Home, Tips, Ideas & Recipes for a Sustainable Life.

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