The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 20/11/2018

If you missed The Long Lunch today with Lynda Hallinan, you can listen back here to the interviews from Tuesday, November 20th 2018.

Daktory opens in Auckland

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Dakta Green, long-time marijuana law reform campaigner, discusses the 10th anniversary of the opening of the first ‘Daktory’ in Auckland, the launch of a new club in Wellington, and how far the battle to have cannabis legalised since he opened his first operation a decade ago.

Pick your own system being abused

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Managing director Tony Boswell told RadioLIVE that the worst offenders caught ended up paying around $860 for their berries.

How to clean your digital self

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Paula Gair from deriskme on how to clean up your digital self. For more details visit deriskme's Long Lunch page here.

Pacific must reject China's bullying

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Monica Miller, chair of the Pacific Freedom Forum on why in the wake of the recent APEC forum in Papua New Guinea the Pacific must reject China’s bullying and its ‘colonial master’ displays.

Trump’s assertion that there's no need to listen to Khashoggi tape

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Hanna Bogorowski, foreign policy reporter at The Daily Caller, weighs in on President Donald Trump’s assertion that there is no need for him to listen to the Khashoggi tape, and CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

Kiwi director takes on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Craig Donnell, Kiwi-born theatre producer on the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical that will open in Sydney in January.

Media Matters

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Bill Ralston looks at what has been happening in the media over the last week.

Travel predictions for 2019

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Joshua Nu'u-Steele the area manager for New Zealand looks at some of the big travel predictions for 2019 and the growing trend of the ethically conscious traveller.

Giant peanut loses out to watermelon

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Kristy Broad, economic development officer at the South Burnett Regional Council on Kingaroy’s quest to build a big peanut in the wake of Queensland neighbours Chinchilla erecting a four tonne watermelon.

Baby Boomers

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Bruce Hopkins and Hon. John Carter are today's Baby Boomer panel.

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