Tuesday night business: How does our fuel price compare globally?

Night Talk 23/10/2018
Credit: Newshub.

Every Tuesday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris is joined by Elevation Capital CEO and founder Chris Swasbrook to talk on the latest in business.

On the table tonight:
- How does the petrol price in New Zealand stand up to other countries? Chris looks at where fuel is cheapest and most expensive.
- Why doesn't anyone from petrol companies ever talk to the media when asked?
- The US mid-term elections are just three weeks away. Could the results change the current relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia?
- Could there be implications on the oil price following US sanctions imposed on Iran?
- A judge in California has rejected Monsanto's bid to overturn a landmark verdict. In August, Dewayne Johnson won over US $289 million after claiming Roundup weedkiller caused his cancer. 
- Will Bayer regret purchasing Monsanto last year?
- Are countries looking at declining population numbers in the future? Are any plans in the pipeline?

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