Blinc Innovation partners with NZ Ag Show to connect farmers, ideas

Rural Exchange 17/11/2018

Lincoln University’s innovation network teamed up with the New Zealand Agricultural Show to bring together ideas from the brightest minds around the country.

Blinc Innovation, a research hub based at Lincoln University, hosted a “hub” at the bustling Christchurch event in order to encourage collaboration on sustainable farming solutions.

“Our role in that is really a neutral facilitator and connector,” says CEO Toni Laming. “We’re not trying to sell anything.”

The organisation offered visitors three days of seminars full of opportunities to network, discuss, and learn from like-minded farmers and innovators, with topics varying from biosecurity to issues facing water resources.  

“How do we create those conversations and allow us to look at the same problems in a very different way.

“As soon as we start to reframe them, that’s where we get breakthrough. That’s where we get innovation.”

Watch the full interview with Toni Laming above.

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