Apps of the Week: Hawke's Bay gets an app

Sunday Social 02/09/2018
Credit: Reuters.

Julian Waters joins RadioLIVE’s Vaughn Davis to take a look at the latest in app news.

YouTube is about to get a lot more ‘unskippable’ ads

YouTube announced the move in a video posted to its official Creator Insider account, framing it as a positive for video producers.

The change will force users to sit through video ads of up to 15-20 seconds when watching clips from all sorts of content creators.

That's up to four times longer than the current five second viewing time for the company's more typical ads that can be skipped.

Vaughn thinks he might have noticed this already.

China moves to limit gaming time

This week there was a call to action from China’s leader after too many of China’s children need glasses, and the government intends to implement changes.

Chinese regulators believe that children should not exceed a 15 minute period on tech devices.

Local app of the week: Hawke’s Bay App

Some folks in Hawke’s Bay have set out to make one regional app to rule them all.

The app provides:

  • Council info
  • News
  • Shipping news! But as a huge image
  • Weather
  • Events
  • Shopping

Vaughn reckons it’s more of a community directory but worth downloading for ios and Android before visiting the Hawke’s Bay – plus it’s free!

To hear about all of the other hottest apps of the week, listen to the audio with Julian Waters above.

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