Apps of the Week: Viagogo, death of the influencer

Sunday Social 20/08/2018
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Cate Owen joins Vaughn Davis talking apps of the week.

Viagogo is being sued by comcom

The commerce commision is taking aim at Viagogo. The ticket re-seller has come under fire after hundreds of customers have complained about fake tickets.

The Commerce commision has since stated:

"We advise consumers to seriously consider whether buying tickets from ticket reselling website Viagogo is worth the risk. The complaints we have received from consumers include:

  • Viagogo making representations that they were the official ticket seller not a reselling website
  • additional fees not being adequately disclosed
  • consumers being sold fake tickets or the same ticket being sold multiple times
  • consumers purchasing tickets that do not have the seating, access or other attributes that were advertised
  • Viagogo making representations that the number of tickets are limited or selling very quickly, creating a sense of urgency to make the purchase
  • consumers never receiving the tickets they purchased and being unable to get hold of Viagogo to receive a refund."

Death of the influencer!

Most recently in Australia, Holden became one of the first big names to re-evaluate its marketing strategy when it comes to influencers.

The brand is said to be seeking more authenticity, moving away from aesthetically pleasing people posing with cars in product placement-type posts for likes.

Such posts were boosting brand-awareness (but honestly, who doesn't know what a Holden is?) but not translating into sales.

As the saying goes: "Being famous on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly."

Blood donation app

A new NZ blood Donor app has been designed to bridge the gap from “really must do that” to “done that!”

It allows you to find locations all over NZ , lets you know when the bus is coming and allows you to book in an appointment.

You can additionally add donation locations to get notifications when the blood bus is coming.

Trademe uses AI to develop a kiwi spell checker?

Trade Me found its original spellchecker wasn’t tuned into Trade Me members, which was leading to curious suggestions - such as asking if you were looking for a “free dog” when looking for “Freedom furniture”.

A one size fits all spellchecker wasn’t going to work.

The solution was to construct their own dictionary, using data from real Trade Me searches.

They took 30 million searches that had resulted in a click, cleaned up the search terms (lowercase, remove punctuation etc.), and extracted all the words we saw more than 5 times.

It gets pretty smart around context e.g., For example, the word “fot” will correct to the common word “for”, but when “honda” is also present, it will correct to the common car model “Honda Fit”. 

Wonder if they’ll make it available for other websites?

To hear about all of the other hottest apps of the week, listen to the audio with Cate Owen above.

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