Why Mark Richardson doesn’t give money to beggars

The AM Show 21/11/2018

Mark Richardson says he won't give money to beggars because he expects the tax he pays to be helping them already.

Richardson made the revelations after the Tauranga City Council banned beggars and rough sleepers within five metres of retail or hospitality sites in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, and Greerton.

I expect that tax money to be used by the Government in a more productive way.

While The AM Show sportsreader said he often "considers" giving to those on the street, he expects better from the country's leaders dealing with those living rough in New Zealand.

"I pay a lot of money in taxes every year, and I expect that tax money to be used by the Government in a more productive way.

"I expect that money to be used to actually ensure that these people that end up on the street are looked after, that the system works, and ensure everyone in what should be a sophisticated welfare system, is covered," he said.

While he believes he does his "bit already" and blames the authorities, The AM Show host Duncan Garner said he is asking for a lot.

"You are asking a lot there... you are asking for it to actually work," Garner said.

"You are asking for those people to actually go and have a home address and get their welfare. A lot of people don't have home addresses," said Garner.

But Richardson wants "people with leadership ability to be in leadership roles".

Nadine Higgins, The AM Show newsreader, said the conversation needed to be about more than just having a roof over your head, but also accessing other services like mental health facilities

The ban has been controversial among Tauranga councillors, with it only passing six to five.

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