Weekend Life: In case you missed Sunday

Weekend Life 16/09/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Trudi Nelson on Sunday 16th September, 2018.

Money Matters with Shamubeel Eaqub

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This week the big news from Fonterra. The dairy co-op announced it's first loss since it started 17 years ago. Plus, public consultation is now open for rental reforms.

Resident economist Shamubeel Eaqub joins Trudi Nelson for all your money matters.

Political Panel with Mary Lambie & Sean Plunket

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Trudi Nelson is joined by broadcaster Mary Lambie and former broadcaster Sean Plunket to discuss the week's political news.

The hot topics this week include Winston Peters' influence in the Government, calls for rest homes to be more closely monitored, and is the electricity industry completely rooted?

Political Young Guns - Hamish Walker & Chloe Swarbrick

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Politics 101 featuring Greens list MP Chloe Swarbrick who joins Trudi Nelson to discuss the issues of the week.

Jaquie Brown talks Fashion for a Cure

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In 2016, Jaquie Brown's sister-in-law lost her 18 month battle with breast cancer, at just 48. Jaquie truly understands what so many Kiwi women are going through or have been through.

New Zealand has one of the highest incidence rates of breast cancer, placing 7th in the world. Fashion for a Cure, hosted by Jaquie Brown, is an exclusive fashion evening showcasing New Zealand's leader designers.

Jaquie joins Trudi Nelson to discuss her experience.

A mother's story: The Heart of Jesús Valentino

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It’s every prospective parent's nightmare: something is wrong with your unborn child.

Former journalist Emma Gilkison’s beautifully written book The Heart of Jesús Valentino is about when her and her partner discovered during a routine scan that their baby had a medical condition so rare it happened to only eight babies in a million.

A tough topic, but one Emma writes about with eloquence and warmth. She joined Trudi Nelson.

Top five regrets of the dying

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We know that authenticity is about being true to yourself and to others. Unfortunately some people only realise, when time has run out, that they haven’t lived their lives as fully as they might have.    

Harold Hillman shares the ‘top five regrets of the dying’ with Trudi – from the book by the same title, written by author, Bronnie Ware.

Young tech entrepreneur Ezel Kokcu

At only 25, Ezel Kokcu has had some pretty massive achievements in the business and tech space. She's already on her third business.

She immigrated to NZ with her family from Turkey when she was four and grew up in Nelson and Wellington.

Her ventures include launching the attractions app STQRY, as well as Non Stop Tickets, both of which she has since sold. She joins Trudi Nelson to discuss her next move.

Housewife turned kids author: Julia Sloane

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Former Real Housewives of Auckland star Julia Sloane joins Trudi Nelson to discuss her latest works as a children's author, including the use of Te Reo Maori in her books.

Music with Paula Yeoman

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Music reviewer Paula Yeoman joins Trudi Nelson to share her thoughts on Kiwi albums.

Tea for Two: Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson

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Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden joins Trudi Nelson for a chat ahead of his speaking tour in New Zealand this October.

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