Programme working to bring mindfulness to schools

Weekend Life 20/10/2018
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The government’s mental health inquiry has been underway for a number of months, taking submissions and meeting with groups.

One of the groups that made a submission is Pause, Breathe, Smile; a programme developed by the Mental Health Foundation and mindfulness education group PBS to bring mindfulness into schools.

Grant Rix, the PBS Director, joins Weekend Life with Carly Flynn to talk about why mindfulness in schools is so important.

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment and not overreacting or getting overwhelmed by what’s happening around us.

Taking into account mindfulness programmes in schools internationally Mr Rix put together a report for what could be put into place in New Zealand.

With help from donations they were able to develop Pause, Breathe, Smile in 2013, and with help from research from AUT, they have been getting great results.

Some of the major improvements from mindfulness programmes include reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

Mr Rix said that the results they got in the school programme was an almost immediate increase in calmness, and an increase in focus and attention.

“Probably the biggest outcome from Pause, Breathe, Smile is kids really effectively regulating their own emotional responses to everyday situations” he told RadioLIVE.

Even though the programme is reaching out for funding, teachers can already sign up to implement these programmes in schools.

Listen to the full interview with Grant Rix above.

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