How Rocket Lab pioneered a Kiwi space programme

Weekend Variety Wireless 24/03/2018
Peter Beck. Photo: Rocket Lab.

New Zealand has a space programme, pioneered by Rocket Lab.

The company has successfully launched purpose-built rockets from Mahia Peninsula near Gisborne.

Founder and visionary Peter Beck is the man behind it.

He’s been honoured globally and was inducted into the EY World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, and his attention-grabbing breakthrough in delivering a satellite into orbit has seen Rocket Lab win big at the New Zealand Innovation Awards.

Peter Beck spoke to Graeme Hill about his dreams of reaching space.

“I’ve always been fascinated with space, right from when I was a young child.”

“I remember going out with my father and seeing my first satellite and I couldn’t believe that it was put up [in space] by man,” he said.

Listen to the full interview with Peter Beck above.

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