Skeptical Thoughts: Hotdog water, cannabis oil

Weekend Variety Wireless 25/06/2018
Credit: File.

New Zealand has a blasphemy law? “Oh, Christ!” Graeme says.

Mark Honeychurch joins Graeme Hill, to expose hoaxes, woo and scams for what they aren’t.

A man in Vancouver has sold bottled hotdog water at a street fair for $38, telling potential buyers it would increase their brain function and help with weight loss.

Mr Honeychurch tells Graeme how easy a scam can be, with the man selling 60 litres worth.

Also, are LED lights something to steer clear of?

Plus, a woman in the United Kingdom claims cannabis oil cured her terminal cancer. Mr Honeychurch points out the gaps in this story.

Listen to the full audio with Mark Honeychurch above.

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