Business-class travel footed by ratepayers called 'indefensible'


An Auckland Council report revealed that $1.1 million had been spent on overseas travel over a 20 month period ending in August. Nearly half of that budget was spent on 62 business-class flights.

Councillors John Watson and Efeso Collins had their proposal to investigate overspending on work trips dismissed.

Mr Watson joins The AM Show to discuss the” indefensible” use of ratepayer money to front the cost of business-class trips overseas.

One council trip to the United Kingdom cost more than NZ$15,000, all detailed in the council report.

This is a council we are talking about, this is not Chase Corporation.

A spokesperson told NZME the proposal was rejected because the matter is already under review.

But Mr Watson says he's heard that excuse before.

"The public's had enough of it,” says Mr Watson. “This is ratepayer money - it's a terrible look."

Watch the full interview with John Watson above. 

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