‘I’m scared I’m gonna suck’ – Jay-Jay on her new gig


Our Tea for Two guest this week is one of New Zealand’s most successful and controversial broadcasters.

After 23 years of waking up the biggest breakfast audience in the country, Jay-Jay Harvey is about to exit her co-hosting duties on The Edge radio station.

She chats with RadioLIVE’s Ryan Bridge about her passion for radio, her marriage breakup and what lies ahead.

Asked about her decision to leave The Edge, Harvey admits she has mixed feelings.

I have wanted to [leave] for the last couple of years but felt scared and nervous to make that change.

Harvey reflects that part of the decision came from her breakup - the separation from her husband and morning radio co-host, Dom Harvey. 

“If I go and work somewhere else it might make it easier for us both to move on with our lives.”

Jay-Jay & Dom Harvey. Credit: File

After an interesting experience with a caller, Jay-Jay says she doesn't know if she can rule out talkback radio in her future. 

"I better not say. I need to leave the door open just in case. I might need some more practice," she says, laughing. 

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Jay-Jay's new gig will be announced in February 2018.

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