Woodstock photos resurface 50 years later

Music 13/08/2019

When Janis Joplin was on stage, Mark Goff was behind the scenes taking photos at Woodstock. 

Nearly 50 years later, the talented man's photographs are resurfacing. At the time he was 22 and took so many exciting pictures at Woodstock. 

A few of his photos were published, but the majority were filed away in his home. He then changed careers and had two daughters and the phots never reappeared until recently. 

Thanks to Nick Clementine, an artist, Goffs photos are now being showcased a year after he died of cancer. 

"Seeing these photos is a really interesting way to see who he was outside of being our father," said 34-year-old Alli Goff.

"Because that's the only way we really know him."

"My whole life was associated with my dad carrying a camera,"