A new Bee Gees documentary debuts in December

music news 09/11/2020

HBO has just confirmed a new documentary featuring Bee Gees that will make its debut this 13th Dec at 2pm (New Zealand time) on HBO Max.

Titled, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, you can watch the trailer below.

Director Frank Marshall says, "Like so many people, I've loved the Bee Gees' music all my life. But discovering their uncanny creative instincts and the treasure trove of music, their humour, and loyalty was a great two-year journey. We are very happy and proud to be with HBO, and it has been an honour to work on this project."

It is brotherhood and family, creativity, entertainment, joy, and tragedy. We all feel very privileged to be involved.

Co-producer Nigel Sinclair added that this is a story about how three brothers with "paramount musical gifts" created music that touched the "collective unconscious across five continents for five decades straight."