Black Power gang member tells Peter Williams gangs are not the problem

Peter Williams 02/04/2019

Lifetime Black Power gang member Denis O'Reilly joined Mornings with Peter Williams to talk about gangs holding on to illegal guns. He came out in support of the governments ambitions and supported plans to crack down on illegal guns after the amnesty period ends in September this year. 

Guns are not part of my life, it's a longtime since I've handled a firearm let alone owned one - and I was a licensed gun owner.

Peter went further to question that while Denis personally doesn't use guns what about other gang members that do use guns and intend on keeping those guns beyond the amnesty period that the government has offered? Denis said that he thinks the focus on gangs is misdirected.

To me this is a bit of a red herring, if gang members have got guns just treat them like any other criminal. Not every gang member is a criminal and not every criminal is a gang member.

"As you know it wasn't a gang member that attacked those innocent people, and anyone who has illicit weapons faces the full force of the law and I support the law in taking it off them."

When asked whether he would support the police knocking up to Black Power gang pads to search for illegal weapons Denis told Peter that "if they've got due cause, fair enough."

It's not really where the issue is and it's the people you're not looking at that's where the problem is coming from.

Peter quickly pointed out that gangs are just one part of the problem when it comes to the issue of firarems and assault weapons.