Ryan Bridge: Dear woke left, stop breeding!

Opinion 09/05/2019

By Ryan Bridge, Magic Drive host.

Forget your electric cars, hessian bags and eco-light bulbs.

Spare me your vegan planet-saving crusades and your solar panel judgement.

Stop your protests and self-righteous, virtuous lecturing.

Because if you are having or already have more than one child and continue to berate me for my carbon emissions, you’re a bloody hypocrite.

I recently saw a woman at the supermarket in Grey Lynn (NZ’s hippest suburb where being seen with a plastic bag gets you arrested by the climate cops) who was yelling at one of her four children to collect the climate-friendly bags from her part-electric SUV to help carry the weekly groceries out of the store.

I thought, seriously Sally, have you no idea how silly you look?

The single best thing a climate change believer can do for their planet is to stop breeding, or, at the very least, have fewer children.

Research has proven it.

A major 2017 study found that it is by far and away the most significant change an individual can make to affect global warming.

Wynes & Nicholas 2017 Environ. Res. Lett. 12 074024, Fig 1

A US family having one fewer child creates the same level of emission reductions as 684 teenagers recycling for the rest of their lives, the research found. 

Has anybody told the kids skipping class to protest climate change?

Could somebody please let Sally and all the other vegans know?

Because I’m bloody sick of people berating me for my life choices when their choices are far more damaging to their perceived threats than mine.

I don’t have kids, you see.

So my footprint is about the size of one of their toes.

Ryan Bridge is host of Magic Talk Drive.