Ryan Bridge: Climate change tax proposed for driving utes, SUVs

Opinion 09/07/2019

Look out New Zealand, the nanny state is coming to your garage. 

Your most prized possession is about to get hit with a tax.

A climate change tax of up to $3000. 

And it's going to hit us where it hurts the most - our utes and SUVs.

They make up two-thirds of our new vehicle purchases, yep, we love our big cars. 

But Julie-Anne Genter says they're bad and we must pay for our pollution. 

Farmer Bob from central Otago with his Ford Ranger will be hit with a $3000 tax, while latte-sipping, lentil-eating Fabio from Ponsonby with his VW Golf Electric will get an $8000 discount. 

The policy applies to all new and secondhand imported cars.

But here's the problem, what about rural folk who need and rely on these big vehicles to get around and drive long distances? 

And what about the cost to importers of banning some cars, or limiting what they can bring into the country? 

But more than anything, Kiwis don't care about climate change.

They say they do, but then they go buy a new SUV and have another child. 

They have choices already and they've voted big, loud, and gassy. 

I suspect Winston might put this policy into reverse. 

Ryan Bridge is co-host of The AM Show.