Comedian brings clown as support for redundancy meeting

Ryan Bridge 13/09/2019

Comedian Joshua Jack tells Ryan Bridge how he hired a clown for $200 to join his redundancy meeting as a support person in a meeting where he lost his job.

A comedian working in an advertising company anticipated bad news with a meeting invite from bosses to talk about his future with the company, for which he was informed he could bring someone along for support.

So he hired a clown.

He Tells Ryan that in an attempt to be quiet, so as not to distract from the redundancy meeting, the clown made balloon animals very slowly totalling two for the entirety of the meeting.

So I basically spent $100 per balloon animal.

When asked how his bosses reacted the comedian responded, "I mean he was one of the best clowns in all Auckland so they were getting something of a free service."

Asking what the clown himself thought of the scenario Joshua admitted, "he thought it was a touch unusual, but he was willing to do it."

You can watch the full interview above.