Sean Plunket: Listener shares nightmare story of how she was stalked by an obsessive and abusive partner

Latest - Magic Talk 15/10/2019

An incredibly brave, honest and disturbing real life account of being stalked and the lengths someone will go to.

On the topic of stalking, one brave Magic Talk listener - 'Lucy' - shared her harrowing story with Sean Plunket from Magic Talk Afternoons of how she was stalked by an obsessive and abusive ex partner, who went to horrific lengths to torment her life.

This started 12 years ago, but has still left a profound impact on her to this day.

Lucy was in an abusive relationship with a man - both physically and mentally - for six years. She never went to the police.

When she finally plucked the courage to leave him, it went "next level" and "crazy".

He hid in the ceiling of the house she was renting for two nights, without her knowledge. He was waiting to catch her with another man whom he believed she had a relationship with (there was no other man).

Lucy was then attacked by this same man her outside her new property, after he borrowed a colleague's car and followed her home. In the attack he split her scalp and left bruises around her neck where he tried choking her.

Lucy went to the police, who she says were "amazing and incredible" who took photos and documented everything, and it went to court. But this is where her nightmare story gets even more unbelievable.

It turns out this man had a criminal history - which Lucy was unaware of during her relationship with him - and Lucy was the 35th conviction for a male-assaults-female. Lucy had no knowledge about the previous ones.

More disturbingly, when she applied for a protection order against this man, the judge had decided as there was no prior history of abuse, there was no need for a protection order.

The stalking continued for three more years.

Please listen to Lucy's story above as she goes into further details about what happens next, and how she copes (or struggles to cope) with moving on and living her life to this day.