Coronavirus: How will businesses health and safety rules change at level 2?

coronavirus 07/05/2020

Leah Panapa was joined by Thomas Visagie, the owner of GenSafe, a health and safety company in New Zealand to talk around the different practices for businesses.

Visagie established his business over a year and a half ago, and explains at level three, employers have a primary duty of care for the health and safety of their workers.

Protecting the people who are the most vulnerable is what is important with the level systems in New Zealand, Visagie believes.

Level three has allowed the elimination of transmission across the country, but it still remains that if you can work from home, do so.

The first time a lot of employers have to had to deal with a invisible risk of this nature

Businesses have to have a plan of how they can maintain good hygiene, Visagie explains, and how they can disinfect their stations.

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