Mother breaks back, 3-year-old left at strangers house for days as ambulance refuse to take child

Peter Williams 05/05/2020

Cherie recalls the horrifying moment her friend, a single mother, had to leave her 3-year-old with total strangers for two days after falling 3 meters off a public track in Welcome Bay, Tauranga and breaking her back.

The ambulance allegedly refused to take the child to the hospital until she had arranged for the 3-year-old to be picked up.

With being a solo mother, and having no family living in the area, the people that found her ended up having to look after the child until the hospital allowed her to make contact with friends. 

The distressed mother remains in hospital and unable to see anyone. Cherie has managed to contact the grandparents who have since driven from Taupo to take care of the child.

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