'Right now he's basically doing the worst a leader could do' - Dr Pani Farvid on Trump

The Sunday Cafe 08/06/2020

Roman Travers spoke with Dr Pani Farvard, an Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology live from Downtown Brooklyn, discussing the current state of the US on the Black Lives Matter movement and the leadership of Donald Trump.

Dr Farvard explains a lot of people are peacefully protesting in Brooklyn today, and a lot of young, white people are “sick of what’s going on.”

On Trump, Dr Farvard says;

Right now he's basically doing the worst a leader could do.

“The Covid-19 situation has highlighted the inequality in the US,” Dr Farvid goes on to say,

It’s a little bit like you’re in a warzone.

She explains some NYPD cops are acting as normal, yet some are walking around with riot gear on.

This is a long term systemic problem that's been going on for decades.

She was shocked at “how overt, hostile and blatant” the racism in the United States is.

“We’re all humans and we all deserve to be treated as such.”

Listen to the full interview above.