'No new Diabetes drugs had been funded since 2003' - Chairperson of Diabetes Foundation Aotearoa

The Sunday Cafe 23/06/2020

Roman Travers on The Sunday Cafe was joined by John Baker, clinician & chairperson of Diabetes Foundation Aotearoa to discuss diabetes and Pharmac drugs in New Zealand.

As Baker explains, type 2 diabetes develops later in life and type 1 diabetes usually occurs in children, and requires insulin from the very beginning.

Baker goes on to say the audit of New Zealand diabetes was “quite horrific”,  and New Zealand delaying in adopting modern diabetes medicine, leads to the death of 800 people a year.

No new Diabetes drugs had been funded since 2003

The Pharmac budget is capped, Baker shares, so they are doing the best they can for New Zealanders.

Listen to the full interview above.