Mimi Kwa and her book "House of Kwa"
Mimi Kwa and her book "House of Kwa"

Mimi Kwa: Talking "House of Kwa" on Magic Talk's Sunday Cafe

The Sunday Cafe - Magic Talk 05/07/2021


The Sunday Cafe with Mel Homer.

Fans of Educated will love this, as I did. It’s the story of Mimi’s extraordinary family – her colourful and difficult father Francis (one of 32 children) who was sent to study in Australia after the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong during WW2, where he met and married Mimi’s unstable, unwell mother.

Her narrative about their family life is heartbreaking, hilarious, and often unbelievable right up until the point where her father sues her all the way to the Supreme Court, believing that Mimi has been wrongfully named the heir of his sister’s considerable estate. It’s wonderful.

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