Lynn Mall attack was a hate crime, not terrorist act - security analyst

Danny Watson 07/09/2021

LISTEN: The September 3 stabbing attack at an Auckland supermarket was a hate crime rather than a terrorist act, a leading security analyst has told Magic Talk.

Last Friday, Sri Lankan national Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen stabbed multiple people at Countdown Lynn Mall in Auckland. He was shot dead by police.

The government confirmed Samsudeen was under police surveillance and said he was inspired by Islamic State.

But security analyst Paul Buchanan says the attack displayed no terrorist characteristics.

"It was spontaneous rather than meticulously planned; it was done in a hot rage rather than after cold calculation; it focused on immediate targets and not the wider audience and it sent no message to that audience other than blind rage.

"None of those are terrorist characteristics," he says.

Buchanan says Samsudeen did not have established links with any terrorist group.

"He just was a wanna be jihadi."

In contrast with Christchurch terrorist Brenton Tarrant, the only thing that they had in common is the purported "lone wolf" behaviour, Buchanan says.

"And even there, Samsudeen was less a lone wolf than he was an unstable guy with anger management issues."

Listen to the full interview with Paul Buchanan above.

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