Where's Judith Collins?
Where's Judith Collins?

Lloyd Burr: Where on earth is Judith Collins?

Lloyd Burr 07/10/2021

OPINION: In a week that has been dire for a popular government, you’d expect the leader of the Opposition to be leading the charge, putting the boot in wherever they can. 

Judith Collins should be everywhere, shouting from the rooftops at what a mess the government has made. But we haven’t seen this from National Leader Judith Collins. We haven’t seen much at all. 

Where is she? What is she doing? The Judith Collins I know would usually be like an attack dog at a time when the government’s having such a bad week. 

But she’s pretty much invisible. She’s sent a few tweets, and appeared on the AM Show yesterday for her weekly slot. But other than that, Collins has kinda disappeared. 

We wanted her on our show yesterday but the party instead put up Scott Simpson. So what’s going on in National? Is their strategy to stand back and let the government dig its own hole? Possibly. 

I suggest something more existential is going on in that party. She’s been silenced. She’s been hidden. And that means one thing: there’s a coup brewing.

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