Former Prime Minister John Key via Getty
Former Prime Minister John Key via Getty

Lloyd Burr: The former Prime Minister shook the Beehive to its core. But, why?

Lloyd Burr 01/10/2021

OPINION: I haven’t seen a week in politics like this before where the government’s covid response has nearly imploded completely. 

John Key putting the boot in on Sunday began the wobbles 

The impact was profound - it really knocked the confidence of Ardern’s government and set the agenda for the entire week - ministers seemed lost and confused. Key’s attack even prompted Clarke Gayford to leap to the PM’s defence. 

The former Prime Minister shook the Beehive to its core. 

But what Key also did was make his former party redundant. He out-Oppositioned the Opposition, which was itself revealing its own Covid policy too: 

So what was John Key up to? Why did he do this? 

As an MP, he was incredibly charming - yet incredibly calculated. 

So what he did this week WOULD have been calculated. He wanted to ruffle feathers - but whose feathers? Ardern? Collins? The whole establishment? 

Is he staging a comeback? I doubt it. He’s more likely helping set the stage for a coup - but exactly who for is another calculation he’ll surely be in the process of making. 

Nothing stuck to John Key when he was in politics, but his words certainly stuck to everyone in politics this week. And given its success, we’ll be seeing plenty more of it from him.

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