Former MP and Bay of Islands resident Shane jones via Getty
Former MP and Bay of Islands resident Shane Jones via Getty

'I won't be listening to any roadblocks': Shane Jones says Northlanders need to take responsibility for low vax rates

Lloyd Burr 30/11/2021

LISTEN: This week the government revealed details of how the country will open up again, but there’s a threat that Northland could be off limits.

Iwi groups in the Far North are planning to establish border controls on December 15, and they’re in discussions with police.

76 percent of Northlanders are fully vaccinated, 85 percent have had their first dose, and 63 percent of Maori Northlanders are fully vaccinated while 77 percent have had one dose.

Just as locked-down Aucklanders are planning on heading northbound for their summer break, the border would effectively stop them accessing holiday hotspots like Ōpua, Waitangi, Russell and Paihia.

"Northland opens it's arms to Aucklanders and other tourists, so they will open their wallets and help sustain our local economy," Shane Jones, former MP and Northland local told Lloyd Burr Live on Tuesday afternoon.

When asked if he had been in talks with local Northland businesses up and how the proposed iwi roadblocks might affect them, Jones said "they're distressed".

"Every time there is a threat of a roadblock, there's a sense of menace that deters people from coming north, and they might decide to go to Coromandel or god forbid, Hamilton," he told Magic Talk.

When asked if the Iwi are the orchestrators of their own downfall regarding low vaccination rates, Jones replied; "People up here need to take responsibility, irrespective of their ethnicity, for their own health outcomes."

"If you don't want to get vaccinated and you get sick, why is it my problem? The rest of us followed the rules, we swallowed our pride, we compromised, we went and got vaccinated so that the economy could flourish, we could travel, we could reunite with our families and if there's a small group who wanna hold out then fine.

"Paddle your own waka, the rest of us want to get on with life," he told Lloyd Burr Live.

Listen to the full interview with Shane Jones above.

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