Winston Peters via Getty
Winston Peters via Getty

Lloyd Burr: Bring Back Winston

Opinion 18/11/2021

OPINION: I never thought I’d say this, but I miss New Zealand First. 

I miss Winston Peters in politics - and it’d be great to have him and his antics back again. I don’t miss some of the party’s MPs. But I do miss the initiatives his party passionately pushed. 

The Provincial Growth Fund? Gone. 

A focus on the regions? Gone. 

The plant-one-billion-trees campaign? Gone. 

The championing of rail to NorthPort: Gone. 

The championing of moving Ports of Auckland to NorthPort: Gone. 

Pushing for the recovery of bodies from Pike River: Gone. 

Expanding the perks of the Super Gold Card: Gone. 

Campaigning for the NZ wool industry: Gone. 

Backing NZ-made products: Gone. 

Tough on crime: Gone. 

We wouldn’t have electric locomotives on the main trunk line between Hamilton and Palmy if it wasn’t for NZ First. We wouldn’t have two brand new rail ferries being built if it wasn’t for NZ First. 

Winston branded NZ First as a handbrake on the Labour Party while they were in coalition together, and they were. The repeal of Three Strikes was stopped by NZ First. So was a capital gains tax. So was the Green Party’s electric car feebate scheme. 

The Three Waters reform wouldn’t happen if NZ First was still in the Beehive. Light Rail to Auckland Airport was blocked by NZ First. There are others too - the list goes on. 

I may regret saying this later, but maybe it’s time to Bring Back Winston.

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