Police car via getty
Police car via getty

Lloyd Burr: The double standards of unvaccinated police checking vaccine passports

Lloyd Burr 18/11/2021

OPINION: While unvaccinated teachers and doctors and nurses and other medical professionals have been forced off the job because of the government’s vaccine mandate - unvaccinated police officers are still out and about working. 

And come December 15, unvaccinated police officers patrolling Auckland’s border will be giving out $1000 fines to unvaccinated travellers. 

This is such a double standard. This is hypocrisy. Let me repeat that: Unvaccinated police officers will be fining unvaccinated travellers. 

They will enforcing a law that they themselves could well be breaking. How is this ok? I hit up Police Commissioner Andrew Coster about this yesterday, and he danced around the question and hoped officers would get vaccinated. 

So why isn’t it mandatory for police officers to be vaccinated against Covid-19? They are at the front line of policing the border around the country’s covid hotspot. They are the ones likely to be coming into contact with the most people. 

They are the ones most likely to pick up Covid from doing their jobs. And yet they’re allowed to do their jobs without having a vaccine. If I was a teacher or nurse or doctor or surgeon, I’d be pretty pissed off right now. 

Heck, even our workplace here at Magic Talk requires vaccines. Most workplaces are doing similar. 

Hospitality and hairdressing staff will need to be vaccinated if they want to open under the new traffic light system. And yet police officers are exempt at the moment. 


I don’t want an unvaccinated police officer pulling me over on SH2 after December 15 to check my vaccine certificate and breathing on me. 

It’s double standards. It’s time for some consistency.

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