Piggy Bank taking off via Getty
Piggy Bank taking off via Getty

Lloyd Burr: The profits of these banks MAKES ME FURIOUS

Lloyd Burr 01/11/2021

OPINION: I’m a pretty level-headed guy. 

But when I saw Westpac report a billion-dollar annual profit today, my head nearly exploded. 

A billion dollars. 

And that’s not it’s Australia and NZ businesses combined, it’s just the NZ profit. 

A billion dollars! 

And last week, ANZ reported an annual profit of $1.2b. 

1.2 billion dollars. 

And that’s just the NZ arm of its Aussie-NZ business. 

Two banks, with a combined profit in NZ of nearly $3b. 

That is not ok. 

Surely that’s a sign that something is not right in our country. 

Especially at a time when New Zealanders are struggling, businesses in Auckland are on the verge of collapse, we have growing inequality, a worsening housing crisis, and a pandemic that’s ruining our lives. 

Is it time for the government to reign in the big banks and their big profits and ensure they’re not taking the mickey so flagrantly? 

I understand they need to make money, but these are mega-profits. 

This is simply taking the piss out of all of us. 

Taking thousands of our hard-earned dollars and handing to some fat cat investors living overseas. 

We’re better than that. 

It’s time to reign in the corporate greed. 

It’s time for some corporate responsibility. 

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