Boris Johnson via Getty
Boris Johnson via Getty

Lloyd Burr: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a giant hypocrite

Opinion 09/12/2021

OPINION: I’m going to change it up and talk British politics today. 

Why? Because UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a giant hypocrite. 

Just before Christmas last year, he put the UK into a lockdown because Covid deaths were rising rapidly. 

Despite earlier promising that everyone would be able to celebrate the festive season with family and friends, he changed his mind two days before Christmas. 

He essentially cancelled Christmas. 

And it was super depressing. I was there. It was cold and miserable and we couldn’t go to the pub for a mulled wine or have people over for presents or end of year celebrations. 

We had an expats getaway planned, and we had to cancel it. 

Brits across the Kingdom cancelled their holidays and their plans. 

Everyone stayed home. 

But this week, a video has been leaked, filmed inside Downing St at Christmas last year, with Boris Johnson’s staff laughing about having their own party. 

They joked about not social distancing. They joked about not staying in their bubbles. 

While the rest of the UK was cancelling plans and staying home and following the rules, Boris Johnson and his staffers and friends and fellow MPs were partying it up. 

One rule for him, one rule for the rest of the country. 

And it’s come out now because someone leaked a video of his press secretary Allegra Stratton pretending to give a press conference at the Downing St briefing room, and mocking those following the rules. 

She quit yesterday, bursting into tears and apologising for it and saying she’d never be able to live it down. 

Boris Johnson then tried to bury the news by introducing more restrictions in the UK where infection numbers are skyrocketing. 

Those restrictions include people working from home again, wearing face masks too, and re-starting the use of vaccine passports. 

But his message got lost in hypocrisy. 

He banned parties last year, but then had his own. 

And I know we have our own issues here, but thank goodness we don’t live in the UK.

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